Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I got an email this morning from my grandfather.
he's a great man, and apart from that, even though he is pretty old, he learned the fine (not) art of using the computer. amazingly, he uses this devil's device even more than i do, sending emails, managing his timetable, and taking pictures using his digital camera.
he sent me a powerpoint presentation he got from someone, explaining the quake on s.e. asia.
the presentation started with the drawing of a cute bear, which is supposed to be trademark of the guy who made the presentation. then there were diagrams of the quake, with sidenotes.
then there were pictures of people who lost their homes, with cute powerpoint transitions.
magicly, ten seconds before i started the PPS file, i put Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother on the stereo. suitable.
the insensitivity got me so angry, i just had to do something.
what better thing to do then to yell into the cyberspace, where almost nobody can hear you?


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