Sunday, January 23, 2005

Terms in the Israeli mind

Most of the Israeli society were in the army. we do it when we're 18.
they take 3 years of our life when we're young.
this creates a word bank, a type of slang only people from the IDF can understand.
one of these terms is "Rosh Katan", translated as a "small mind" it's similar to be narrow-minded, but has more meanings.
when someone is "Rosh Katan", it means that he won't do anything unless told to.
it means that he won't care for anything unless it hurts him.
i was a Rosh Katan today.
having working in my boss' coffee house, and having not wanting to do so, i have ignored two calls from my boss today, which were probably made to ask me to come early to work today.
i hate it because i like everything that involves the pub, and i want to do everything as good as i can.
damit, i'm doing this work just for fun until i start my university studying.
i'd hate to become bitter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jumped from Imshin. I love your page. Real bohemian. Loved what I wrote about your girlfriend in the "her" post. Lucky bitch! I'm jealous. Do you have any friends who are just like you? (only maybe a little older?). :-)
I'm just kidding of course. Keep blogging.


Saturday, 29 January, 2005  
Blogger Adrian said...

Get in touch. i'll be there as soon as I can

Sunday, 30 January, 2005  

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