Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Is the word for ex-soldiers in Israel being called for service for a maximum of 21 days a year.
You can be summoned only after a year since you finished your service.
I've been called to service after one year and four days.
The army sure doesn't waste any time, which is a shame, since it wastes almost everything else. I have nine qualification points as a weapons control operator, seven qualification points as a medic, and still, I will be doing that time as an ordinary infantry soldier with my two lousy qualification points for that.
anyway, I will be going there on the 19 of April, which means I won't be able to post for some time.

Monday, April 11, 2005

A Stranger at Home

Came back to the dunk pub after 3 days of not working.
I felt strange.
I felt like a stranger in my own home.
a pub is very dynamic, especially in the weekends, so many small insignificant things have changed, that only someone who knows the pub really good can notice.
being the foreman of the dunk, the place has many nuances of my personality.
it's organized the way I like it, plays my music, serves the drinks I support.
but in three short days, it can all change.
took me a few hours of moving stuff and yelling at my boss to get it bogeyman'ed again.
but still, is the pub's memory so short?

Happy Birthday

To me.
Turned 23 last Friday. Funny how every time I simply can't remember how old I am.
my girlfriend's mom asked me how old I am, and I just blacked out.
no matter. Had an amazing birthday,
got really cool gifts and I haven't worked for three days.
we went to a Brazilian meat restaurant on Friday, that for some reason had a DJ playing Latin music.
he was the only thing that was not perfect on my birthday.
in fact, he was annoying.
just because you have a microphone, and you are bored, are you subject to talk without pause and interrupt people who are trying to enjoy their meal?
why are you playing that music, if your blabbing doesn't let me hear it?
anyway, it didn't ruin anything like it looks.
the evening was great...
proportion is good. (a new thing in my personality)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Infinite Cat Project

I Usually won't link to other websites, But this too bizarre and cool
not to.
A Cat looking at a monitor. In the monitor there is a picture of another cat watching a third cat on his own monitor. So stupid. So pointless. So GOOD!
Hurrah to Mike Stanfill for his boredom and great idea.
there are currently pictures of 856 (!) cats looking at eachother.
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Friday, April 01, 2005

Five Years

Today is the estimated 5 year anniversary to my girl and me meeting.
I thought we estimated it as the fourth of April, so the it won't be in April fool's day.
come to think of it,
this is supposed to be my day, being the fool, and having been born in April.
no matter, waking up by a beautiful girl, thinking about all we've been through,
5 years are almost a quarter of my life.
makes me feel good.

Some kind of a techincal error

Resolted in me not posting for a couple of days.
I'm back, now.