Monday, April 11, 2005

Happy Birthday

To me.
Turned 23 last Friday. Funny how every time I simply can't remember how old I am.
my girlfriend's mom asked me how old I am, and I just blacked out.
no matter. Had an amazing birthday,
got really cool gifts and I haven't worked for three days.
we went to a Brazilian meat restaurant on Friday, that for some reason had a DJ playing Latin music.
he was the only thing that was not perfect on my birthday.
in fact, he was annoying.
just because you have a microphone, and you are bored, are you subject to talk without pause and interrupt people who are trying to enjoy their meal?
why are you playing that music, if your blabbing doesn't let me hear it?
anyway, it didn't ruin anything like it looks.
the evening was great...
proportion is good. (a new thing in my personality)


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