Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Is the word for ex-soldiers in Israel being called for service for a maximum of 21 days a year.
You can be summoned only after a year since you finished your service.
I've been called to service after one year and four days.
The army sure doesn't waste any time, which is a shame, since it wastes almost everything else. I have nine qualification points as a weapons control operator, seven qualification points as a medic, and still, I will be doing that time as an ordinary infantry soldier with my two lousy qualification points for that.
anyway, I will be going there on the 19 of April, which means I won't be able to post for some time.


Blogger Adrian said...

Hope you come back safely.

Monday, 25 April, 2005  
Blogger Adrian said...

Back yet? I miss you.

Thursday, 02 June, 2005  

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