Friday, June 24, 2005

Late Night Blues

Blues is based on "Blue Notes".
Every third, fifth, or seventh note is lowered by half a tone.
This lowered note is called a "Blue Note".
This is what makes us feel that certain down blues has.
It's not an exact explanation, but it is enough.
Just had a talk with a friend of my brother's, he's a good guy,
He's in the same place I was at the navy, but on a different ship.
Seems he got some of my notes blue.
It threw me back to that time, to the total feeling of depression.
Depression in it's older form, when you are being depressed by others.
I'm not depressed at the moment, but I have that blue feeling.
black in the lungs, your whole stomach is going around like a washing machine,
wet clothes inside whirling and shifting your balance all the time.

Mood for disaster. I'd bet that if it'd be daylight the skies would've been grayish red.


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