Thursday, June 02, 2005

(maybe) Here Again

I'm not sure what made me stop posting.
I love it, and it is a kind of a therapy for me.
when I came back from my "miluyim" I knew that everything has to change.
I knew that I cannot carry on working five days a week in a pub that distorts my life.
I had a week full of doing absolutely nothing which helped me understand that doing nothing is the most horrible state a man could be in.
my family drove me crazy with housework, and after a confrontation I started doing everything, and even enjoyed it.
I found an amazing job.
going on trips and meeting good people, eating and sleeping in hotels, while getting (not too much) money for it.
I think this cleared my mind. When I'm hiking I don't think about anything, and (for the good and bad) I am not alone for a second. I can choose how much I want to interfere, and no matter what choice I make it is ok.
I got some new music. Good progressive rock is what I need.
only thing is that I'm not at home much.
even if I come back to bloggin' hard, it wouldn't be as frequent as before.
and still, feel strapped.


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