Thursday, June 09, 2005

Music Fantastic!

So much music affecting me lately.
bought a few CD's, copied a few mp3's from my brother, and more.
I know this is kind of boring, but this blog is for me and me alone.
Here is my playlist for the last couple of weeks.

King Crimson, Lizard - When you're feeling dark and gloomy.
King Crimson, Red - On the road, dark crazy distorted.
Gentle Giant, Aquiring the Taste - Cool evening jazzy rock.
Frank Zappa, Bongo Fury and One Size Fits All - When you're crazy.
Yes, Fragile - When you're harmonic and in touch with everything.
Pink Floyd, Meddle - Is there anything in the world that makes you feel cooler than it?
Beatles - Any given goddamn time.

Is there no good music made these days?


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