Sunday, January 23, 2005

Terms in the Israeli mind

Most of the Israeli society were in the army. we do it when we're 18.
they take 3 years of our life when we're young.
this creates a word bank, a type of slang only people from the IDF can understand.
one of these terms is "Rosh Katan", translated as a "small mind" it's similar to be narrow-minded, but has more meanings.
when someone is "Rosh Katan", it means that he won't do anything unless told to.
it means that he won't care for anything unless it hurts him.
i was a Rosh Katan today.
having working in my boss' coffee house, and having not wanting to do so, i have ignored two calls from my boss today, which were probably made to ask me to come early to work today.
i hate it because i like everything that involves the pub, and i want to do everything as good as i can.
damit, i'm doing this work just for fun until i start my university studying.
i'd hate to become bitter.

Friday, January 21, 2005


Maybe it's time for me to change?

I've been static for a while.
it's strange, but yesterday i had a sudden urge to leave the Dunk Pub, and Haifa,
and go back to the north, to my parent's house.
find a lame job, like most people my age do, and go on with it until i start studying.
it would definetly be worth it in money terms, but what about my soul?
and leaving my new appartment a month after i moved in...
what would you do? (not really looking for an answer.)
What about new music?
Prog rock is not enough, since it fits only the great mood.
you can't love prog rock unless you have a specific view on life.
you have to be charmed by life.
damnit. why can't i be happy?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A man is appreciated...

A friend told me yesterday (in hebrew):
Adam nishpat lefi Kiso, Koso, Vekaaso.

A man is appreciated by his pocket, his glass, and his anger (rhymes in hebrew).
It means that you can see what person he is by how he acts when:
He has to pay (Kiso).
He's drunk (Koso).
He's angry (Kaaso).

Makes you think about the human race... doesn't it?

Am I ill?

Psychology is such a grey area.
A customer/friend asked me a question yesterday. After some remarks I made on people I know who have mania-depression he asked me how I would diagnose myself.
I haven't thought about it for a long time. During two years of my three years army service I've been completely down. I couldn't take care of it because I was so down I didn't even have the mental power to move myself to a better place.
I thought it was over, and I'm pretty sure it is, but will it ever be back?
I've been "catching" myself thinking bad thoughts from now and then.
is it in me to be depressed?
I told him I once diagnosed myself as having a border-line identity.
when I explained the symptoms he said we were in the same boat.
Comfort? Maybe.
I often find that looking for people with the same problems as you have is not much different from gloating.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Me Bartending in The Dunk, Picture from a pub magazine.