Monday, June 27, 2005


Please visit Balagan to understand why... Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Late Night Blues

Blues is based on "Blue Notes".
Every third, fifth, or seventh note is lowered by half a tone.
This lowered note is called a "Blue Note".
This is what makes us feel that certain down blues has.
It's not an exact explanation, but it is enough.
Just had a talk with a friend of my brother's, he's a good guy,
He's in the same place I was at the navy, but on a different ship.
Seems he got some of my notes blue.
It threw me back to that time, to the total feeling of depression.
Depression in it's older form, when you are being depressed by others.
I'm not depressed at the moment, but I have that blue feeling.
black in the lungs, your whole stomach is going around like a washing machine,
wet clothes inside whirling and shifting your balance all the time.

Mood for disaster. I'd bet that if it'd be daylight the skies would've been grayish red.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Why does it has to be that way?

Initiated a conversation with my girl today.
Told her about the things that are bothering me.
Developed in to a fight.
I just want to be happy, and I feel that all that time I wanted her, and she didn't want me, I never asked for anything, because all I wanted was her.
now, that we're together for some time, I start telling her about things that I don't like,
and it seems to me like she can't handle my criticism.
I hate fighting with her, especially since she's in the army, and we don't get to see each other much anyway, but sometimes I simply say "the hell with it" to myself and decide that I have to resolve the issue.
it always becomes so dramatic, and sometimes, like now, I don't know what to do with myself.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


And my latest discoveries:
- Started posting in pairs,
- Stopped using spel chek.
- Found out that teachers in Israel are corrupt people,
always getting stuff for themselves, doing things they
don't allow their pupils.
- Girls walk slower that boys, and will often complain and
scream when interacting with thorns and rocks.
- Boys can't stand that you do something they don't
understand and often comment about it, and ask
stupid questions.
- People like to buy stuff for the sake of buying,
and sometimes even if they don't really want it.
- Tour guides are arrogant people.

Music Fantastic!

So much music affecting me lately.
bought a few CD's, copied a few mp3's from my brother, and more.
I know this is kind of boring, but this blog is for me and me alone.
Here is my playlist for the last couple of weeks.

King Crimson, Lizard - When you're feeling dark and gloomy.
King Crimson, Red - On the road, dark crazy distorted.
Gentle Giant, Aquiring the Taste - Cool evening jazzy rock.
Frank Zappa, Bongo Fury and One Size Fits All - When you're crazy.
Yes, Fragile - When you're harmonic and in touch with everything.
Pink Floyd, Meddle - Is there anything in the world that makes you feel cooler than it?
Beatles - Any given goddamn time.

Is there no good music made these days?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Drawing i made sitting by the western wall of the ancient temple in Jerusalem. Don't care much for religion. The funny thing is that I didn't finish it there for the first time, and by chance came back two days later and finished it.Posted by Hello

(maybe) Here Again

I'm not sure what made me stop posting.
I love it, and it is a kind of a therapy for me.
when I came back from my "miluyim" I knew that everything has to change.
I knew that I cannot carry on working five days a week in a pub that distorts my life.
I had a week full of doing absolutely nothing which helped me understand that doing nothing is the most horrible state a man could be in.
my family drove me crazy with housework, and after a confrontation I started doing everything, and even enjoyed it.
I found an amazing job.
going on trips and meeting good people, eating and sleeping in hotels, while getting (not too much) money for it.
I think this cleared my mind. When I'm hiking I don't think about anything, and (for the good and bad) I am not alone for a second. I can choose how much I want to interfere, and no matter what choice I make it is ok.
I got some new music. Good progressive rock is what I need.
only thing is that I'm not at home much.
even if I come back to bloggin' hard, it wouldn't be as frequent as before.
and still, feel strapped.

Lost myself

First thing: thank you Adrian for awaking me from my slumber.
I have been lost for a while, working on changing my lifestyle, and many things.
a quick explanation of the things that happened to me:
I left Haifa because of miluyim.
miluyim was postponed to a month later.
did not come back to Haifa.
suspended my job at the pub.
started working as a medic and security guy escorting school and foreign expeditions.
went on a seven days expedition with some Australians.
went on a few more trips.
second miluyim was cancelled too.
went on some more trips.
worked in the pub a day or two for that whole time.
will add another post to explain.